Yakima County Fairgrounds to host mass vaccination site

YAKIMA, Wash. — Fairgrounds throughout Washington state are being authorized for mass vaccination sites and now, Yakima will follow suit.

According to a release by Yakima Valley Emergency Management, county officials are gearing up for thousands of vaccinations in the region. Officials say they won’t open the site until they have an adequate number of doses to support the location.

Their goal is to complete 500 vaccinations per day in accordance with public health and safety standards. There will be a pre-registration process for eligible community members to complete before arriving to the vaccination site.

As of now, there is no vaccination event scheduled for the near future. However, public health officials will provide an update once they deem this site ready for operation. However, the release does say that they intend to open up in the coming weeks.

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Yakima County Commisioner LaDon Linde provided the following statement for the public:

“We are appreciative of the foresight and leadership shown by our local emergency management and health district staff. It shows again that local leadership can do things best, as they are closest to the situation and know the community and its resources.”

Yakima County Commissioner Amanda McKinney is pleased with the response to this initiative.

“The can-do spirit of Yakima County is exemplified today in active leadership which finds solutions and offers hope and security to our neighbors by offering ease of access to the vaccine,” McKinney said. “We have the will to overcome and the local ingenuity to create opportunities for safety, recovery, and prosperity. I am grateful for the immense efforts and collaboration to get us to where we are and am eager to see this vaccination in full operation to bring hope to our community.”

Yakima County Commissioner Ron Anderson noted a lack of communication from higher levels of government regarding when supplies will become more readily available.

“This last year and into this year, especially with the issues surrounding the distribution of the vaccines is a cause of great concern. We’re still lacking in communication with state level departments as to when we will receive vaccines,” Anderson said. “However in order to be prepared, we are coordinating this site to be ready to begin immediately when the vaccine does arrive.”

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