Yakima County receives 5,725 more vaccines

More than 60 percent earmarked for second doses

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. — Yakima County is scheduled to receive 5,725 COVID-19 vaccine doses from the state this week.

Yakima Health District officials said this week’s shipment is one of the largest they’ve received. Last week, the state sent the county 3,900 doses, compared to 1,800 doses two weeks ago and 4,575 doses three weeks ago.

“We hope that that means that more community members who’ve been waiting on the waitlist or have been waiting to schedule their vaccine can do so this week,” YHD Director of Public Partnerships Lilian Bravo said.

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More than 60 percent of this week’s vaccine shipment is earmarked for second doses, which health officials said will help with the backup of residents who have received their first vaccine, but are waiting on the second.

“More people are going to be going in to get that second dose, which is going to give them the full 94 to 95 percent efficacy protection against the COVID strain,” Bravo said.

However, the shipment this week is not enough to open the county run drive-thru mass vaccination site at State Fair Park, which needs enough vaccine to administer at least 500 doses per day in order to open.

“That’s not as much as we would like to see,” Bravo said. “There’s still definitely more vaccine that we can utilize in our community, but it’s a start in the right direction.”

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Counties across Washington state have been experiencing inconsistent vaccine shipments, with the number of doses sent varying from week to week. Bravo said community members should keep in mind there’s no guarantee Yakima County will receive this much vaccine next week.

“We just got to stay patient and stay hopeful and know that we are going to receive more vaccine in our community every week: it just may vary how much that may be,” Bravo said.