Yakima farm workers get $1 million in damages

Yakima farm workers get $1 million in damages

About 722 farm workers in Yakima have finally been paid the money they deserve.

A one million dollar check was presented to workers and their families after a four year hard-fought settlement in the Saucedo v. NW Mangement case. In 2012 ten farmworkers were fired by NW Management in retaliation for calling the police on their foreman, who was shooting his gun to intimidate workers.

In March 2016, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the farm workers.

Mayor Avina Gutierrez thanked those workers for being brave enough to speak up and fight for what they believe in, but says this is an unfortunate circumstance.

“These people are getting this settlemtn because they were abused and neglected at work and this is just a small portion of what goes on so I’m very happy that we’re here because this just highlights the severe problem that we still have with our most important workers in our country, that help put food on the table,” said Gutierrez.

She told workers she was honored to be there because she is the first Latina mayor of Yakima.

“Things won’t change unless we continue to speak up and fight for what we believe in,” she said.

Each worker received approximately $1,000 – $3,000 dollars, depending on how many seasoned each worked.