Yakima firefighters rescue foster puppy who fell through a floor vent

YAKIMA, Wash. — You’ve heard of a firefighter rescuing a cat from a tree, but have you ever heard of a puppy getting saved from a floor duct?

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, Yakima fire engine No. 95 got a unique call, according to a social media post from Yakima Firefighters IAFF Local 469.

They said that a family who was fostering a litter for the Yakima Humane Society reported that one of the puppies fell into a vent in their home and got stuck inside of a duct. They tried to rescue the puppy on their own but weren’t able to help it get free from inside the vent.

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Firefighters rushed to the scene to help the little dog. Upon arrival, they removed ducting from the basement and found a path to free the little puppy. It was carried back to its foster family for lots of love.

The puppy’s saviors spent some time getting to know the little fella and taking a few photos. The Yakima Firefighters IAFF Local 469 social media post read as follows: “Nice work gentlemen! Always going above and beyond.”


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