Yakima homeless shelter struggles to find winter site

Yakima homeless shelter struggles to find winter site

The hunt is on to find a place for the homeless in Yakima to stay warm this winter.

While the funding is in place, an actual indoor shelter is not.

“Transform Yakima Together”, a non-profit that runs camp hope a city-sponsored homeless shelter, was awarded a winter shelter program by the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments.

The award gave them $135,000 to host a 24-hour shelter in the winter.

Camp Hope’s facility is currently outdoors so organizers have to secure an indoor building but are now faced with upset residents.

“It’s got to be somewhere and if everybody has the attitude of not in my backyard then you know we are in a fight instead of cooperation,” said Andy Ferguson, director at Transform Yakima Together.

That fight has left them with only two building options that meet the city’s safety code.

The preferred location is at 10 east Washington and the second is on First Street.

Locations Andy Ferguson director at Transform Yakima Together said are not set in stone yet and if residents have a better location within their budget in mind he’s willing to listen.

Organizers hope to secure a building by the end of the week and move in on November 15th.

Organizers said if you’re worried about how the camp runs you’re invited to take a tour for yourself and meet residents.