Yakima kids invited to join Lemonade Day youth entrepreneurship program

Yakima Lemonade Day
Courtesy: Lemonade Day

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. — The Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce is looking for elementary-age kids to participate in Lemonade Day, a free program that helps kids earn money and learn financial literacy by starting their own lemonade stand.

“Kids can make literally hundreds of dollars on Lemonade Day,” Lemonade Day national director Debbie Nazarian said. “The average is between three and five hundred dollars.”

Nazarian said the program gives kids a foundational knowledge of how to start a business, which helps them build their confidence and inspires some to become entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurial aspiration declines as a child grows older and so that’s why it’s just so critical to get to these kids while they’re young,” Nazarian said.

Nazarian said 31% of kids who have gone through the Lemonade Day program are running their own business, compared to 4% of kids who have not had the chance to participate in the program.

“Mentors guide participants through the youth entrepreneurship lessons via the My Lemonade Day app (found on Apple Store My Lemonade Day App ) or with workbooks and takes participants through the journey of planning, launching and operating a business. The valuable lessons of Lemonade Day include setting a goal, making a plan, working the plan and achieving their dreams. Once a youth pays their investor back, they keep all the money they earn and are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some of their profit.],” a news release said.

Parents can sign their kids up for free, become a mentor, help them work through the Lemonade Day workbook and find an investor for their start-up costs.

“A lot of banks will like to provide micro loans to the kids,” Nazarian said. “The kids can come in and they pitch their business plan to a loan officer and apply for a startup loan for their lemonade stand business.”

Lemonade Day city director Lindsey Madsen said once their businesses are set up, the kids will gather at the SOZO Sports Complex in Yakima to show off their new businesses and sell their products.

“We can have a friendly little competition between all the kids to see who has the best lemonade recipe, who has the best design idea,” Madsen said. “We want to give them a safe space where they can explore their entrepreneurship through this program and make it a really fun community event.”

More information on the program and how to register can be found at www.lemonadeday.org/yakima-county.


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