Yakima man accused of kidnapping ex-girlfriend, threatening to kill her and child

Yakima man accused of kidnapping ex-girlfriend, threatening to kill her and child

A Yakima man is accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and threatening to kill her and her child.

Jose Anaya-Pulido, 25, was arrested on Sunday after police said he went to the 300 block of Madison Avenue to find his ex-girlfriend, according to the Toppenish Police Department.

He used his own car to pin a car that belonged to a witness at the scene so she was unable to leave.

Then he caught up to his ex-girlfriend as she was running to safety and forced her into his car. Police said he threatened to harm her if she didn’t leave with him.

However, due to a vehicle malfunction, he was forced to take his ex-girlfriend’s car instead of his own. Before doing so, police said he took the victim and witness’s phones away to prevent them from calling 911.

He then forced his ex-girlfriend to drive and threatened to kill her and her child.

On West 1st Street, only a few blocks away from the initial crime scene, police said the woman started honking as an officer was conducting a traffic stop near Western Gas. The woman jumped out of the driver’s seat and yelled that the man in her car wanted to kill her.

At that point, she was able to make it to safety.

During the investigation, officers found a concealed handgun and handcuffs in Anaya-Pulido’s pocket. He claimed he was a security guard who was currently off duty.

Anaya-Pulido was booked at the Yakima County Jail on charges of first-degree kidnapping, two counts of felony harassment, unlawful imprisonment, interfering in reporting domestic violence, hit-and-run, fourth-degree assault and third-degree theft.

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