Yakima mobile home fire considered total loss, displacing five people

Yakima Fire Department
Yakima Fire Department

YAKIMA, Wash. — Five people were forced out of their home in Yakima on Saturday night when a double-wide mobile home became fully consumed by fire.

According to a release issued by the Yakima Fire Department, crews were called to the 7600-block of W Nob Hill Blvd on Saturday evening around 7:17 p.m. By the time first responders arrived, the mobile home was already fully involved and all five of the home’s occupants were safely out of the structure.

Flames spread from the structure to dry arborvitae trees near the back of the home, which contributed to the rapid spread of the fire. However, Yakima fire crews were able to extinguish the flames before they spread to nearby homes.

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Crews were on the scene for just under an hour and a half with a total of 20 firefighters arriving to help extinguish the fire. Officials confirmed that no one was injured during the fire or the response.

However, the structure was consumed by smoke and flames, effectively displacing two adults and three children from their home. Assistance has been requested from the Red Cross, though fire officials did not clarify how the family is being aided. The Red Cross typically provides shelter for individuals impacted by fire damage.

Yakima Fire Officials conducted an investigation to determine the source of the flames and learned that the fire was electrical in nature. Investigators say the fire was caused in part due to an electrical wiring outlet located behind their living room couch.

A total loss, Yakima Fire Department investigators estimate that the family sustained $100,000 in losses – $75,000 for the structure itself and $25,000 for its contents.


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