Yakima mom ‘hires’ daughters to do chores, pays them through free BusyKid app

BusyKId App

YAKIMA, Wash. — With no school and kids stuck in the house while under a COVID-19 stay at home order, a Yakima mom is using a free app to ‘hire’ her children to do their chores and keep them busy.

Nicole Nesmith has been using the BusyKid app for about a year: her two daughters have been able to check off tasks, get paid and choose to save, donate, invest or spend that money.

Nesmith initially downloaded the app to use as an incentive during potty training; the kids would get about a nickel for using the restroom seven or eight times.

“It really helped with the little ones,” Nesmith said.

Now that school is out until the fall, she said it’s been a good way to keep the kids busy; they do laundry, feed the cat and do other assorted tasks around the house.

At the end of each week, after her daughters three-year-old Laina McClain and five-year-old Alyssa McClain have completed all their tasks, they receive a small paycheck in whatever amount their parents deem appropriate.

“They have the ability to have their own debit cards, so they’re actually able to purchase their own things,” Nesmith said. “Occasionally, Alyssa will be like, ‘Hey, Mom, I’ll buy McDonald’s! Let’s go!'”

Alyssa said she recently used her money to purchase her ‘footsie’ pajamas. Other times, Nesmith said the kids have chosen to put their money into penny stocks based on whatever logo appeared on them.

“I picked Spongebob and lots of Barbies,” Alyssa said.

Viacom had a Spongebob logo, which Nesmith said has paid them a few pennies in dividends.

“They actually have a couple hundred dollars each in their stocks,” Nesmith said. “I’m like, wow, I should have been paying attention when I was younger.”

She’s setting aside the money the kids get in the stocks for when they turn 18.

More information about the BusyKid app can be found here.