Yakima moves forward with new interim city manager pick

Yakima moves forward with new interim city manager pick

Yakima City Council voted Tuesday to begin contract negotiations with Alex Meyerhoff to serve as interim city manager.

The City has been looking for a more long-term interim city manager since Cliff Moore announced his resignation in August. Following his resignation, the Council advertised the interim city manager position to Managers in Transition – a pool of retired municipal managers and managers who are between positions. Cynthia Martinez has been the temporary interim city manager since Aug. 21.

Meyerhoff brings over 30 years of local government experience, including having served as city manager/executive director in Holtville, California (2011-2014), Hemet, California (2016-2017), and San Fernando, California (2017-2019). Meyerhoff earned a bachelor of arts in history from the University of California in 1991 and a master of arts in urban planning, transportation, and environmental analysis, also from the University of California in 1993.

According to Randy Beehler, the City of Yakima’s Communications and Public Affairs Director, “He also has experience in labor negotiations, budget preparation and management, personnel development, that kind of thing. He’s got a very broad range of experience.”

The councilmen negotiate a contract with him over the next few weeks, and he’ll likely serve for about six to nine months, according to Beehler.