Yakima park gets new playground after five-month delay due to COVID-19

Mlk Jr. Park Playground
Courtesy: Landscape Structures

YAKIMA, Wash. — After a five-month delay due to COVID-19, new playground equipment is being installed this weekend at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in Yakima.

Downtown Yakima Rotary, Sunrise Rotary, Southwest Rotary and Rotary Trust contributed to the more than $160,000 in improvements planned at the park, which were scheduled to be completed in May.

“We are grateful for a generous community that gives back and helps create improvements to our parks,” Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson said in a news release.

Former Downtown Yakima Rotary President Eric Silvers spearheaded the project and chose the park as the site for the new playground, which replaces an older, smaller playground.

“I grew up in this park, played with my friends, learned to swim and went to school in that neighborhood,” Silvers in the release. “This is my neighborhood for three generations. This is a way to give back to my community.”

Improvements include new playground equipment, a 576 square-foot picnic shelter and more security lighting at the park, which is located at East Race and South Ninth streets.

“Our hope is to have the playground completed by the end of September and, when the Yakima Health District allows playgrounds to be used again, children will be able to enjoy the new and exciting playground,” Wilkinson said

Rotarians, staff from Yakima Parks and Recreation and representatives from PlayCreation will be at the park Saturday to install the new playground equipment.