Yakima Police Department recreates ABC hit ‘The Rookie’ for Halloween

Yakima, The Rookie
Image via Yakima Police Department, FB

YAKIMA, Wash. — There are few television genres more popular than ‘cop shows,’ and believe it or not, even cops like cop shows! For this Halloween, officers from the Yakima Police Department decided to recreate the poster from ABC’s ‘The Rookie,’ one of the most popular police shows on TV right now.

This wasn’t just an opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a creative way — it was also a means of raising awareness to recruit the next generation of Yakima police officers.

In their social media post accompanying the photo, the Yakima Police Department stated the following:

“If you have what it takes to be one of YPD’s newest rookies, apply today at joinYPD.org.”

The post generated a big reaction on social media from the community the YPD serves.

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Halloween will be windy with showers for some of our areas

Now in its fifth season, ‘The Rookie’ follows John Nolan, a small-town who follows his dream of becoming the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department in the wake of a life-altering incident. The fifth season, which is ongoing, premiered on September 25 and has already garnered a spin-off, ‘The Rookie: Feds’ following a whole new character.

Want to check out ‘The Rookie’ on ABC? New episodes air every Sunday night at 10:00 p.m.

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