Yakima police vehicle crashes, collides with car carrying woman and child

No major injuries were reported in a rollover collision Saturday afternoon involving a Yakima police patrol car and a passenger car carrying a woman and young child.

Officers were responding about 4:10 p.m. to reports of a gunshot victim when they collided with a passenger car at the intersection of East Walnut Street and South Third Street.

Police say the patrol car was eastbound on East Walnut Street — lights and sirens activated — when it struck the passenger car, which was headed north on South Third Street.

The passenger car rolled over and came to rest upside down at one corner of the intersection. Both cars are believed to be totaled.

Two officers, the woman and the child were taken to the hospital for evaluation, but police say there were no major injuries.

Police say it’s unclear at this time what caused the crash, but that traffic investigators will be looking into it.