Yakima roads won’t be fully clear for days, more snow expected

YAKIMA, Wash. — City of Yakima snow plows are working hard to clear snow from the main thoroughfares, but may take a few days to fully clear residential streets.

“Generally speaking, a complete clean of streets in the city can take about two days, sometimes three days depending on how much accumulation we have,” city spokesperson Randy Beehler said.

Beehler said crews went out prior to the snowfall to spread deicer at busy intersections and on roads with heavy traffic to help prevent the buildup of snow and ice in those areas.

Once more than three inches of snow had accumulated, the city sent out its snow plows with priority given to places that are integral to public safety.

“They are focusing on hilly areas, police and fire stations and schools and also hospitals,” Beehler said.

Other priority areas include major arterials like Nob Hill Boulevard, Lincoln Avenue, Fruitvale Boulevard, Summitview Avenue, 40th Avenue, 16th Avenue and Fair Avenue. A full map of the city’s snow plow routes and priority roads can be found here.

Beehler said the city relies on private contractors to plow residential streets and people in those areas may have to wait longer for their roads to be cleared.

“What we primarily ask people to do is to just be patient,” Beehler said.

Beehler said they had anticipated a two-hour delay in opening city facilities Monday morning, but received enough accumulation that officials decided to keep most buildings closed for the day.

The city received about six to seven inches of snow Monday in the first big accumulation of the season. Meteorologists anticipate continuing light snow until Wednesday night, when the city is expected to accumulate three to five inches headed into Thursday morning.

Beehler said if possible, people should try not to park cars next to the curb on residential streets while the plows are working, as they can become buried in snow. He said residents should also remember that it is their responsibility to clear snow off sidewalks adjacent to their property.

“It’s also being nice to your neighbors,” Beehler said. “It’s doing a good job for the community, so everybody can be safe and get past those sidewalk areas that have snow or ice on them.”


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