Yakima School District will provide school supplies for local students

Image credit: Yakima Public Schools, Facebook

YAKIMA, Wash. — As part of an ongoing initiative over several years, the Yakima School District is providing supplies to students at public schools (K-12) throughout the region during the 2021-22 school year.

According to a Facebook post by Yakima Public Schools, all school supplies will be provided to students by the schools themselves with some assistance from community partners who are putting their resources toward Yakima’s youth.

As many of you readers know, the pandemic has imposed great hardship on a large number of parents, and in turn, students as they prepare for the upcoming school year. Taking some of that pressure off of parents and providing essential school supplies for the next generation is just one way to build toward a brighter future.

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In the comments section of the YPS Facebook post, someone from their team confirmed that this is the culmination of half a decade of planning and networking from the Yakima School District:

The Yakima School District has been working for about five years to transition to providing school supplies for our students. Some schools, with support from community partners, have been able to provide them in years past. This is the first year that parents/guardians will not be asked to pay for school supplies district-wide.

Though YPS hasn’t yet confirmed which supplies are being provided, parents in the area can rest assured knowing that their children will have the tools they need to get educated and put on the right path forward.


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