Yakima teenager has been missing for nearly two weeks

Yakima teenager has been missing for nearly two weeks
Image provided by the Yakima Police Department, Twitter

YAKIMA, Wash. — Have you seen him? A teenager named Raymond Watlamet has been missing from his home for 12 days and the Yakima Police Department is asking for your help in locating him.

According to information released by Yakima police via social media, Watlamet is a biracial teen who was last seen on June 10; one day after his 17th birthday.

Raymond is listed at 6-foot-1, 154 lbs with black hair and brown eyes. He is part Native American and part Pacific Islander.

Anyone with information to contribute to the Yakima Police Department’s search can reach out to local authorities by calling 509-575-6200.

This is a breaking news story. A follow-up or update will be issued if further information is provided by the Yakima police.


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