Yakima woman accused of killing 4-year-old stepson

24-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder
Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital 2
Credit: Emily Goodell, KAPP-KVEW

YAKIMA, Wash. — A 25-year-old woman accused of strangling her 4-year-old stepson to death Wednesday night in their Yakima home has been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder.

Yakima Police Capt. Jay Seely said someone called 911 about 11 p.m. to let them know there was a private vehicle taking an unresponsive child to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

When the vehicle arrived at the hospital, first responders found the 25-year-old stepmom had brought in the 4-year-old boy, who had no pulse and was not breathing.

“Doctors and nurses performed CPR on the child for about 30 minutes before the child was pronounced dead by the emergency room doctor,” Seely said. “Due to statements made by the 25 year old stepmother and the suspicious nature of the circumstances, YPD was notified and a police officer was sent to the hospital.”

Seely said the officer noted the child had several large bruises on his body and requested that the police department send detectives from the Special Assault Unit to the hospital to continue with the investigation.

“During their interview with the stepmother, she admitted to strangling the child at their residence,” Seely said.

Seely said they live in an apartment complex in the 1100 block of McKinley Avenue.

“CPS was also notified; they came out and they took the remaining two children into protective custody,” Seely said.

Seely said the father of the child was at work during the time of the incident and is not a suspect in the homicide. He said the woman was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder and booked into the Yakima County jail early Thursday morning.

“We’re going to continue the investigation and we’ll determine if there’s other charges pending or if there’s other people that may be involved,” Seely said.

Seely said an autopsy will be scheduled as soon as possible.