Yakima woman claims she found blood from needles in Walmart bathroom’s toilet paper

Yakima woman claims she found blood from needles in Walmart bathroom’s toilet paper
Credit: Nicole Medina 

A Yakima woman posted a photo of toilet paper rolls with what look to be spots of blood to Facebook. The post has since been shared nearly 9,000 times.

Nicole Medina said when she went into the bathroom at the West Valley Walmart, she noticed the toilet paper container was open and saw “red marks all over.” She said she thinks it’s from people shooting up in the stall and using the rolls of toilet paper to wipe clean their needles.

Medina said she reported it to management.

Store manager Tessa Laroque confirmed this complaint, saying they handled it at the store level and replaced the roll. She couldn’t comment any further about how common something like this is at their store.

“The reason I put it on Facebook was because I want to make sure that people know to check for safety purposes,” said Medina.

Medina said she’s definitely going to be more cautious going forward, especially because she has kids.

“The thing that it takes me to is thinking about, I wonder if it’s happened to me before,” said Medina. “You know, it’s very alarming to me.”

While there’s no way to confirm what the spots in the photo are from, the Yakima Public Health District’s Director of Disease Control, Melissa Sixberry, said if you’re in a public bathroom and see what looks to be blood on a roll of toilet paper, don’t use it. She also advises you report it.

Sixberry said she’s never heard of anything like this happening before. However, she said there is a pretty low risk of disease spread since “the skin is a great barrier for protecting you,” so long as you don’t have any open sores.