Yakima woman found alive after 24 hours missing in the woods northwest of Naches

Note: Video was taken just hours before the missing woman was found.

NACHES, Wash. — A Yakima woman missing for more than 24 hours in the woods northwest of Naches was found alive Tuesday evening, suffering from hypothermia.

Sydney Karn, 24, had been missing since Monday afternoon, when she reportedly jumped into the Naches River, swam to the opposite bank and took off into the surrounding trees and brush.

”Sydney’s family is very grateful for the outpouring of love and support and we hope and pray that Sydney will be well soon,” Yakima County sheriff’s deputies said in a news release.

Deputies said Karn had been struggling with her mental health and her loved ones were concerned for her safety.

“Her family’s been concerned for her … for several weeks regarding her mental health status,” Sgt. Mike Russell said.

Deputies said they’ve received multiple calls in the past few days from people concerned about Karn’s welfare. She was taken to Virginia Mason Memorial hospital for a mental health evaluation early Sunday morning, after which she was released.

The next day, someone reportedly called to say that Karn was supposed to be staying at the hospital, but was nowhere to be found. Deputies said they found Karn, picked her up and took her to the hospital, but the doctors said she was free to leave.

“She was then not a danger to herself or others and she was not gravely disabled,” Russell said. “She did not want to stay, so she had to be released.”

Deputies gave her a ride back to the Suntides Golf Course —  where they had picked her up — and made sure she had food and water. After that, she traveled more than 13 miles on foot, walking up State Route 410.

According to deputies, Karn’s family followed her in a car to make sure she was okay; at about 4:30 p.m., once they got to milepost 113, Karn jumped into the Naches River trying to get away from everyone.

Deputies said her family tried to get her out, but she swam to the other side of the river and removed most of her wet clothes before disappearing into the woods.

Despite the difficult terrain and bad weather, deputies said searchers spotted Karn just before 5:30 p.m. on a nearby mountainside, as the sun began to set.

“Sydney came to rescuers and was brought safely across the river,” deputies said in a news release. “[She] has been transported to Memorial Hospital for treatment and evaluation.”

Deputies said Karn didn’t appear to have any physical injuries.

“Special thanks to the many rescuers including Yakima SO Search, Yakima Fire Department rescuers, family member and friends, as well as private citizens who helped in any way that help could be provided,” deputies said in the release.

▶️UPDATE: Fantastic news! Sydney has been found alive! She is suffering from hypothermia and will be transported to the…

Posted by Yakima County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, October 13, 2020