Years-old remains of human foot discovered in Prosser, coroner says

Police lights

PROSSER, Wash. — An investigation is underway after the years-old remains of a human foot were discovered in Prosser this week, Benton County Coroner Bill Leach said Thursday.

The coroner said someone discovered bones and part of an old shoe while digging a hole for a fence post off Wine Country Road. Police responded to investigate and the coroner’s office took the bones to be examined.

Leach said his office sent photos of the bones to state forensic anthropologist Dr. Kathy Taylor, who determined that the bones were human.

A Major Crimes Team excavated the site where the bones were discovered, and several other bone fragments were recovered and sent to the coroner’s office.

Leach said all the bones found at the site will be sent over to Dr. Taylor, who will try to determine how old they are and whether they are all human or not. Dr. Taylor will be documenting her findings and sending them back to local authorities.

“There’s a lot of unknown at this time,” Leach said, although he believes the remains could be “very old.”

Law enforcement confirmed they responded to a call in Prosser regarding a human foot, but they did not provide additional details.

We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as we learn more.