Yoga studio survives by offering virtual classes

RICHLAND, Wash. — Trying to run a small business is hard enough, but when you add a pandemic it can feel impossible.

For Whitney Davis of Pure Yoga in Richland, this is especially true.

“I feel like we continue to have to like pivot to one new plan or another and at this point I just kinda feel like I’m steering the Titanic, like, how due we navigate this pandemic as a small business owner,” said Davis.

Getting out of her lease was another money saver, but it also meant the studio no longer qualified for most of the relief grants. Davis also hasn’t paid herself since the shutdown, prioritizing paying her employees and other bills.

The biggest change however, was for the studio to go virtual.

While Zoom yoga classes are challenging, it does open up a unique opportunity for people that are nervous about trying yoga out.

“What I love about it a lot actually is, for so many people who want to try people there’s this intimidation factor of coming into a studio and putting your mat down next to a person that’s doing all the fancy yoga things,” said Davis.

Pure Yoga also reduced their prices in order to make it more affordable.

Despite the hardships, Davis is looking forward to the end of the pandemic and reconnecting with her community.

“People come to yoga not just for the yoga, they come for that human connection,” said Davis, “I know I need that connection for myself, I know our students need that connection and then just that unknown. I’m over the unknown.”

If you’re interested in signing up for classes, visit to learn more.