WATCH on KAPP-KVEW at 6:30: YWCA Yakima holds 27th Annual Leadership Luncheon

YWCA Yakima
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YAKIMA, Wash. — The regional chapter of a national nonprofit organization is broadcasting a very special event on KAPP-KVEW starting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday night. Tune in to watch the 27th Annual Leadership Luncheon for the YWCA Yakima.

This yearly fundraising event will contribute to the organization’s efforts in the community. If you would like to make a donation, you can click here or follow on-screen instructions during the telecast to make your commitment via text.

In anticipation of the event, KAPP-KVEW’s Yakima Bureau Chief, Emily Goodell spoke to Cheri Kilty, the Executive Director of YWCA Yakima. Kilty shared alarming statistics about a rise in domestic violence cases throughout Yakima County this past year.

“Domestic violence for us has gone up about 30 percent in the number of people calling,” Kilty said. “We help on average 13,000 people in Yakima County every year, so it’s happening at an unfortunately high rate in our community.

“Yakima is one of the highest counties in Washington state for domestic violence and so it’s important that we all kind of come together and try to hold abusers accountable and also make sure that victims of abuse have everything that they need so they can try to restart their lives.”

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Washington musician Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers is making a guest appearance at the luncheon to lend his story. Navarro’s mother and aunt were murdered by his mother’s boyfriend when he was young, which makes this topic deeply personal for him. Navarro is going to open up about the impact of domestic violence and the importance of helping those who need it most.

Donations are key to sustaining YWCA Yakima’s operations. Kilty told KAPP-KVEW that roughly 30 percent of the team’s budget comes from donations. Money that’s donated to the organization is used to help women and children who are impacted by domestic violence in the greater Yakima region. The organization is dedicated to empowering women and eliminating racism.

“We’re just starting to open back up ourselves and looking at ways people can volunteer with us again and also we’re starting to take a donation, so always call ahead to make sure we have enough space,” Kilty said. “The community is so generous that sometimes we run out of space for all the stuff we get, but just call and check in with us because we would love to have you as part of our YWCA family.”

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YWCA Yakima helps women and girls facing all sorts of dire situations. Kilty explained some of the ways that the organization assists those in need.

“You can call the hotline and talk to someone about your situation, talk about it anonymously. If you need emergency shelter, we can help you with that. If people need help with getting a protection order, we can assist people with that,” Kilty said. “We also are just starting to open up our support groups again so if people want to come to a support group, we’ll be able to help people get connected to that.”

For more information about YWCA Yakima, click here. To make a donation, click here.


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