Ziply Fiber fires up ‘gig-speed’ Internet service in Kennewick

Ziply Fiber Kennewick Technical Fleet
Ziply Fiber's Kennewick technical Fleet (Courtesy: Ziply Fiber)

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Ziply Fiber, the company that took over Frontier Communications’ Northwest operations last year, announced Wednesday it is bringing faster Internet service to Kennewick.

After months of construction work on its fiber-optic network, the company is launching “gig-speed fiber Internet service” to thousands of homes and businesses in Kennewick.

For $60 per month, Ziply Fiber is offering 1,000-megabit speed. The typical household upload/download speed is 100 megabits, according to CEO Harold Zeitz.

Ziply Fiber says 6,000 homes and businesses have access to the service as of April 21 and service for approximately 22,000 more is “on the way,” scheduled to be finished over the next few weeks and months.

There will be no data caps and no annual contracts for residential users, Zeitz promises.

“Ziply Fiber is proud to be here in Kennewick helping to serve a vital need for this region. We appreciate the City of Kennewick’s partnership during the build-out process as we worked to bring a reliable, lightning-fast, data-cap-free fiber Internet network to the area for the first time,” said Zeitz.

The company says it is investing $500 million to “build an advanced fiber network to smaller cities, towns and rural communities across the Northwest that have been underserved when it comes to Internet access.”

“We’re thrilled to be doing this. We’re going to be building more in Kennewick and Richland and surrounding areas,” Zeitz said. “Once you are connected with blazing fast Internet, it really doesn’t matter where you live. We think it’s important that small towns have access to the fast fiber, and this includes government, residential, and our commercial customers.”

Ziply Fiber Kennewick map

Courtesy: Ziply Fiber

The fiber build-out in Kennewick is the company’s third in Washington in less than a year. The company also recently got its fiber Internet service up and running in La Grande, Oregon and the Coeur d’Alene and Hayden Lake area of Idaho.

Ziply Fiber is headquartered in Kirkland and has large offices in Everett as well as Hayden, Idaho and Beaverton, Oregon.

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